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In Today’s world, we all are fighting with COVID19 disease. It is a situation in which we have to support each other and have to take care of us. The global outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is severely affecting the industry and our economic activity. Our country is under lockdown to slow the spread of the disease and prevent community transmission.

For more than 50 days we have also closed our showroom and service centers due to safety concerns. For us, our customers come first and their safety is more important than us. We all are hoping that by the support of each other we will beat this deadly virus and again our life will become normal. But now as the government is opening the lockdown in a process.
We are also now ready to serve our customers again. Our Galaxy Toyota Showroom and service centers are opening again. Our employees will again give you quality services whether you want to buy a new car or to do service in your car. We are here for you.

But as the situation is still not normal we will make sure that our employees and customers are fully secured when they are in the showroom.

There are daily cleaning and sanitization of all showrooms and service centers.
100% hygiene guidelines for the employees at the workshop. We will fully take care of our employees so that they should remain safe and will serve the customers again.
All the showroom and service centers will be sanitized.

For our customer’s comfort, there are online facilities that are also there in which they can book the car online. They also book their car service at their own convenience. The car also is fully sanitized.

Social distance will be properly maintained by all the employees.
For us Customer comes always first, So we will take full safety of customers after opening all the showroom and service centers.

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