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How Toyota Authorized Service Did Wonders For My Car?

Getting your car serviced is the most integral part of your car maintenance. But, in today’s world where there are already so many options to get your car serviced from. People don’t bother about where to get it done from. The local mechanics or the authorized service center is the main question?

The pricing for getting your car serviced from a local or an authorized service center has a lot of difference between the both, and people tend to get it done from the local ones in order to save a little money. But, with this what they don’t realize is that, getting it done from a local vendor costs your car’s life and market value. 

Whereas, the genuine service centers will provide you all that assurance and quality service which no other vendor can. I was in a dilemma of the same to where to get my car serviced from, and then I receive a call from my authorized service center and they explained the difference to me in the best possible way.

Here’s how authorized service center saved my car:

1. 3 Q’s Test: The servicing at Toyota is done with the main 3 Q’s of servicing. Which are: 

a) Quality: A quality vehicle deserves a quality service. At Toyota, Quality check is an inherent part of each service process.

b) Quick: Quick Service with the highest degree of precision ensures an On time delivery, with Every time Speedy Road side assistance.

c) Qualified: The team at Toyota ensures that the best of qualified personnel are taking care of your Toyota vehicle to get the repairs right in First time.


With this, there are other different things to expect from an Authorized Service Center.

2. Toyota Smiles: Toyota Smile Service Value Pack is a pre-paid maintenance customer engagement program, in which you will pay a specific amount in advance for Periodic Maintenance (PM) of your car for maximum one year. Once you enroll for the plan, you will be entitled to get a discount of 10% for PM Services availed and need not pay for PM Service during the time of actual service. Smiles Toyota Service Value Pack has been re-launched with new features and 100% compliance to GST invoicing.


If you are willing to get any additional jobs during service, you will be eligible for various discounts as per Smiles Program and dealer needs to provide a tax invoice for the additional jobs only.

3. Express Maintenance: Your time is valuable, so when your Toyota needs factory-scheduled maintenance or minor repairs, don’t let it slow you down. The team at Toyota works in a unity, all of the staff gets together to provide a timely maintenance. They try to ensure that your car gets serviced under 1 hour so that your journey never stops.

Toyota Express Maintenance

4. Genuine Parts: When taking your car to the authorized service center, one thing you don’t have to worry about is the use of counterfeit parts. All of the parts used at service center are purely genuine and no fake products are used. This will give the surety that nothing is going to wreck apart on the road, while you’re enjoying your long drives.


5. Trained Mechanics: The staff at Toyota service center is of trained professionals, who have gone thru proper training and guide manuals about your car. Having a proper knowledge will result in time and accurate repair of the damaged parts, and the diagnostics of the car will be timely too. These mechanics will not let any part of your car go unnoticed.


As a Conclusion, Getting my car serviced from the authorized service center was best of my car servicing experience ever. The staff took really good care of me whilst my car was getting serviced. It literally took just about 1 hour or so to get my car fully serviced. With this, I don’t see any more reasons to go to a local vendor for my car servicing. Than none other than Galaxy Toyota Service Centre.

If you live or work in Delhi NCR, you can rest this assured that servicing your vehicle at Authorized Galaxy Toyota service centre. This will allow you to quickly hit the road with confidence. 

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