Toyota Camry – The Hybrid Future is here

Yes, it is not a dream anymore, and the people of India are set to explore the new hybrid kinds of vehicles, which are soon to be available. These vehicles are produced to safe guard the environment and reduce travelling costs. The Toyota Camry is a perfect example of a hybrid electric car.

The Camry has a 4th generation hybrid engine which comes with self-charging capacities which totally stands upon the saying “Hybrid Is The Future”. Now, you can experience more power and torque from a hybrid electric engine than ever before. A powerful 2.5L petrol engine with Dynamic Force 4-cylinder meets a self-charging electric motor that purrs with utmost silence. This delivers an optimum blend of improved output, fuel efficiency and emission performance.

Let’s talk more about the newgeneration Toyota Hybrid Camry and its premium features.

The Features and Design –

The brand-new Toyota Camry is a fantastic looking and sleek design car. It has LED headlamps and front grille which looks just splendid on the car exterior. The car has these headlamps which are dusk sensing LED projectors and come along with auto leveling. Also, there is a follow me home function, which guides you home in the dark. The car gets Fog lamps in front which are LED as well.

The rear design of the vehicle has LED tail-lamps and brake lights, and there is a fog lamp at the rear as well to keep the driver behind aware of braking.

LED Headlamps

The side-view mirror of the car comes with turn indicators that are electrically adjusted and can electronically opened or closed with 360 degree adjustment options, it even gets 18-inch multi-spoke alloy wheels for smoother and comfortable drives.

18 Inches Alloy Wheels

Another, amusing feature in be car is of Hydrophilic coating, which means dissolving any substance. Therefore, if rainwater falls on the glasses of your car, it will not accumulate on  windows and will disappear quickly, also there are rain sensing wipers included for the comfortable drives, without the worry of turning on wipers again and again..

In addition, there is a heads up display (HUD) on the front console which will provide real time information upfront on the windshield to ensure a distraction less drive.

Inbuilt Heads Up Display

Features along with the elegant interior design –

1. The soft leather upholstery is going to get you in the cozy space, the ultra-luxurious seats are crafted with a plush leather trim and finely detailed contrast stitching for the maximum comfort. The rear armrest comes with a capacitive touch screen to control the infotainment system and rear sunshade from behind.

Leather Seats with Rear power Sunshade

2. With this, the car also comes with 3-Zone auto climate control, which releases refreshing nanoeTM positive-ions that moisturize your skin and hair while deodorizing the cabin for utmost comfort.

3-Zone Auto Climate Control

3. With the cabin having an ample amount of head and leg room, there are Onyx garnish and metallic accents finishes on the gear shifters and dashboard. A new-age Y design harmoniously blends thoughtful functionality with contemporary look

Onyx Garnishes

4. You can even switch to a more agile and responsive driving experience with steering-mounted transmission controls.

Paddle Shifters

5. You will get an automatic tilt and slide moon roof in the car.

Automatic Moonroof

6. A smart key less entry system with the stop and start button.

7. The power windows in the vehicle are equipped with jam protection for safety reasons.

More features include electro-chromic screen inside the rearview mirror, LED reading lamps, virtual cockpit and welcome door lamps. You can control the sunshade conveniently from the rear seat, with the touch of a button on the armrest.

Touch Panel On Rear Arm-rest

8. There is a ten-way power adjusts on both the driver and passenger’s seat.

10 Way Power Adjust

9. There is even a 9 inch touch screen infotainment system which makes sure that you enjoy rich and clear audio with a state-of-the-art 9-speaker Premium Audio JBL® w/Clari-Fi™

9 Inch Infotainment System

10. There is memory setting with the steering wheel to remember your driving positions, and has telescopic adjustments as well.

Memory Contol On Steering Wheel

The Camry has all those luxurious features with the promised comfort as well. As far as the performance and safety is concerned, the car has two engines out of which one is electric charging and the another one is a dynamic 4 cylinder petrol engine which gives a 19KMPL (ARAI certified). Both of these engines work in a harmony. The hybrid system in the vehicle delivers perfect sync between both the transmissions and together the engines produce a peak power of 176hp @5700rpm.

The safety of the vehicle is rooted with its impact-absorbing body and has nine standard airbags, and other features like Vehicle stability control, anti-lock brake system (ABS), and sequential paddle shifters which are designed to set the vehicle to perform at its best.

Impact Bearing Body Design

The Toyota Camry hybrid electric is a great car to be driven under any kinds of circumstances, the car comes with 3 power modes of Eco, Sports and power. This will help you take your pick from distinct modes, each designed to deliver a tailor-made drive at the push of a button.

Verious Driving Modes

These modes can be adjusted accordingly to the need of the hour or the driver’s mood. Therefore, Toyota Camry is the most feature loaded car you can buy in this price range and can enjoy the drive of luxury at its best.

Do not wait, but to drive this hybrid electric car for an ultimate driving experience.

Check out our latest Toyota Hybrid Camry video here. or watch it down below.

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