How to prepare your car for monsoon

Smart Tips for Preparing Your Car for Monsoon

Monsoon feels wonderful right after the intensive summer heat but certainly it’s not the same for your vehicle. There are certain things that you need to take care of for your vehicle, especially in this kind of climate. When there are constant rains the chances of water mixing with vehicular fluids and leaked oil are more. Most tires today have tread wear indicators and a small rubber bar that is built into them.

Here are some quick Monsoon care tips-

1.    Check your tires – The tires of your car need to be of good quality so that they can handle the wet surface. The tires need to have proper treads to have the necessary required road grip and to always maintain the optimum air pressure in your cars tires. Do not use a set of tires for more than five years if you want to have a better performance on the road.

2.    Wipers – Wipers are necessary as it is the monsoon season and there is going to be rains throughout. You should not use a pair of wipers for more than two years because they become worn out and harden with time therefore you need to replace them accordingly. You can get these wipers for 350- 700 rupees and you can ask your mechanic to fix them in your car. It can take a little more than 2 minutes to change the wipers.

Toyota car standing strong in rains.

3.    Take your vehicle for a check-up – There are pre-monsoon check-ups that you need to take your car for. The check-up will include checking the conditions of Pads, brakes, calipers, spark plugs, suspension set-up and other parts. This will give you a clear idea about your vehicle as it is like an X-ray of the car. In case there is anything required, then they can replace with the immediate requirements.

4.    Protect the paint – The only way to protect your car paint is to apply wax on the surface of the body, apply a good layer of wax that can help protecting the paint by dodging off the unwanted dirty water. There are chances of acid rain to wash away the paint of the car.

5.    Keep the interiors clean – Use waterproof mats and material to keep the interiors dry and clean. Rubber mats are great, they are straightforward to maintain and they are inexpensive as well. Therefore having such kind of mats and accessories in your car can result in making it clean and comfortable.

6.    Be careful of rusting – Monsoon is not particularly good for metal since your car is made up of metal. There are huge chances of rusting as the open scratches and metal bits of the car are prone to rusting.. Many times, we can find metal bits that are outside of the car and can get rusted easily in the rains. Anti-rust treatment is necessary for your toyota car service because it can help you stay protected during the monsoon season.

Therefore, these are some smart quick points to refer to protect your car during monsoon.

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