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Why It’s Important to Know About Road Safety Rules and Regulation?

Road Safety should be given the utmost importance as the number of deaths caused by road accidents are among the highest in the country. Every year in India, more than 1,50,000 people die in road accidents.  With an average of 400 deaths per day, and the reasons are simple, the unawareness of road safety rules and regulations and the negligence of drivers.

Everyone needs to be aware of traffic signals and road rules, it provides the information a driver is unaware of, like the condition of the road ahead, any frequent accident spot, speed limits, crowded area, etc. Drivers who are pre-informed about entry, exit, turn, and other road conditions, through traffic signs are less likely to indulge in fatal road accidents.

It’s very important to pay attention to the traffic lights, signboards, which can ensure your safety and the safety of the people around you. Be it a pedestrian or a person driving, awareness of road safety norms and traffic signs is an absolute necessity in today’s times. 

Road safety rules

Never drink and drive

Drunk driving results in the most fatal accidents in the world and it’s a highly punishable offense. Drunk driving not only puts the driver”s life at risk but also the life of people around him. Driving with the effect of alcohol is very dangerous as it ultimately reduces the driver’s ability to focus on the road and will surely end up in serious road accidents. The fines are very high and an imprisonment of 6 months or more.

Always wear seat belts

Seat belts save lives, It is proven that in most cases seat belts become lifesavers. The seat Belt keeps you intact in your seat and not allow you to get thrown out of the window due to the momentum created by the accident. The G-Force can also give fatal injuries to the body if not belted up. So it’s very important to fasten your seat belt while driving. 

Always follow road signs and signals

Roads have certain laws and rules in order to ensure the free flow of traffic. Following road signs and rules not only helps in avoiding pollution caused by congestion and traffic jams but also helps in reducing road accidents.

Obeying the speed limits 

Over speeding is the prime reason for any accident in the country. The speed limit is set with the goal of keeping everyone safe, always take care of speed because speed thrill but it kills.

Avoid distraction

Distraction is also the reason for some serious accidents on the road, and this is most common in young drivers. The obvious quote “Keep your eyes on the Road”, Whenever we drive a vehicle, we should distance ourselves from distractions.

Must hold a driving license 

A person is considered familiar (through written or oral tests) with traffic signs and symbols after obtaining a driving license. It’s very important to learn to drive and must hold a driving license. 

Road safety signs are primarily of three types

Mandatory signs

These traffic signals are used to make sure free movement of traffic and road users are made aware of specific laws and regulations, restrictions, and restrictions. Violation of these road safety signs is a crime as per law.

Cautionary signs

These traffic signs alert road users to dangerous conditions already on the road. The drivers then accordingly take necessary actions to handle the situation.

Informatory signs

These traffic signs inform road users about the destination, alternate routes, and key places such as food, public toilets around public hospitals, etc.

The alarming rate of road accidents is the biggest concern of India. In the last decade, many rules and laws have been introduced to promote road safety in the country. However, none of these rules have achieved much success at the ground level.

Road safety regulations are not limited to being used only by motorists and drivers but also by pedestrians, cyclists, and others, its the responsibility of all to follow rules and regulations while on the road because one mistake on road can turn into fatalities

So, While on the road, one should carefully inspect the traffic sign board and traffic rules. This will not only ensure a smooth flow of traffic but will also help in avoiding possible accidents on the roads.

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