Road Safety

Galaxy Toyota- Road Safety Campaign.

A week-long Road Safety Campaign organized by Galaxy Toyota comes to an end on 23rd February. The Road Safety Campaign largely aims at making people aware of the road safety rules and regulations and how they can keep themselves and the people around them safe while on the road.

During This week-long Road Safety campaign, we Galaxy Toyota focused on spreading awareness regarding the driver’s safety, the safety of the pedestrians in order to avoid road accidents and injuries to make the streets and roads of Delhi safer.

This Road Safety Week campaign is organized with full of enthusiasm in the staff members and the workers of Galaxy Toyota. During this road, safety week a lot of activities were organized by us to promote road safety in the city.

Activities such as making people aware of the Motor vehicle Act 1988 and motor vehicle Amendment bill of 2019 and let them know, what guidelines our govt had made in order to reduce the number of road accidents in the country. The activities are followed by organizing many roadshows, a street performance by staff members, Banners and pamphlets are used to spread awareness regarding traffic rules and regulations. Many workshops and seminars were also organized for our customers, regular commuters, pedestrians, and for the whole team of Galaxy Toyota to make them aware of road safety so that they can pass on the message further and make more people aware of road safety.

Many information regarding road safety was passed on to the peoples during this whole week, such as traffic rules and signs, what to do in emergency situations, different emergency contact numbers, many handouts and pamphlets were distributed to the people on road and make them aware, that how important it is to know about their safety on the roads.

We Galaxy Toyota, being the largest Toyota Dealer in Delhi, it’s our responsibility towards the society that just like Our safe and reliable cars, our people should also be safe from road accidents and injuries because in most cases road accidents are fatal and life-threatening and its the responsibility of all of us to prevent these unfortunate and needless deaths every day.

Galaxy Toyota frequently organizes these kinds of road safety campaigns throughout the city because we are Toyota and we believe in the safety of our customers and the people around them.

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