How to maintain your Toyota Car ?

Just like a human, your car needs a general checkup and maintenance to keep it up and running.

Let see what you need to know to maintain your Toyota car.


    1.  Routine Car service

To keep the Toyota car well maintained, we should have a regular Toyota car service done.  Maintenance should be done as per schedule.

  1. Car Engine oil

The engine oil should be checked regularly and it should be completed if it is low.  If the car is giving more smoke then it is time to change the engine oil.

  1. Rotate the tires

The tires should be checked regularly.  The pressure of the tires should be kept exactly so that the Toyota car performs well. There are different loads on front tires and rear tires.  Tires should be rotated from time to time. Which increases the tires’ life.

  1. Filters cleaning

Everything that goes into the engine needs to be clean and pure. Like everything else, the filter deteriorates with use, which puts pressure on the engine, which affects fuel efficiency. If the air and oil filter of the car is clean, then fuel efficiency and engine life are increased.  So keep checking the filters and change them on time.

  1. Check the Battery

It is difficult to operate a car without batteries being an important part.  So the battery terminals and cables should be checked from time to time.

  1. Brake Pads

The most important part of the car is the brake. If the brake pads need replacing, you might hear squeaking or even metal grinding. Any noises you hear from your brakes could be worth checking on. Brakes should be periodically checked and serviced.

car break service

  1. Electrical parts

Cars are a puzzle of wires, fuses, or major electrical parts.  We should keep checking the car’s headlamps, indicators, etc. from time to time.


Close up hands of unrecognizable mechanic doing car service and maintenance.

  1. Wheel balancing and alignment

In-wheel balancing, the weight of the car is evenly applied to the tires so that the car runs well at high speed.

The suspension of the car is adjusted in the wheel alignment.  When the wheel alignment is done, the angles of the tires are fine.  Which is on the contact road and tires so that the car runs straight.  Therefore, we should get wheel balancing and alignment of the Toyota car from time to time.

  1. Interior cleaning

We should get the interior of the car cleaned from time to time.  We should do dashboard cleaning, seat cleaning, dry cleaning, and carpet cleaning so that the car cabin remains clean and you can take away the car properly.


  1. Exterior cleaning

You should get the Toyota car washed on time and also get surface refinement, UV protection, car paints protection, logo cleaning, and alloy wheel polishing, etc. so that your Toyota car will always look like new.


If you do not take care and maintain the car on time, then the car will get hot, the mileage will be reduced, the engine will start making noise and they will leave you in the middle of the road and will stop anywhere. This will reduce the age of your car. So take full care of your Toyota car maintenance and get the service done on time.

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