How To Get your Car Winter Ready?

Getting your car winter-ready is important as Winter is approaching and thus require preparation for yourself to remain safe from the cold and harsh weather conditions of winter and so does your car.

It becomes important to get your car winter-ready whether it’s on the road or in the garage.

The rigid weather conditions of winter like dip down of temperature, mist, fog, etc can make your car vulnerable to breakdown in between or can lead to an accident.

Here are some useful tips to get your Toyota car ready for winter.

Warming Up your Car.

It’s very important to warm up the engine of your car, especially if your car hasn’t been used in a while.

The engine oil gets thicken in a cold environment and warming up will ensure that the oil reaches every part of the engine and lubricates it properly.


General maintenance.

Car Batteries.

Batteries are the most affected part of the car due to winters. Car batteries have a limited life and cold weather makes them more vulnerable to failure.

Check the condition of the battery using computerized battery testers.

Check for battery terminals as well as it gets corroded over time, protect them with battery protectant spray.

Protecting the Window Tracks.

The cold weather and mist can seep into the window tracks and create resistance.

When you try to open the window it creates drag and ultimately ends up making noise, the resistance can damage the window too. Avoid the problem by lubricating the windows with silicone spray or dry Teflon spray lubricant.

Cabin Air filters.

Ac filters or cabin filters are often neglected during the winter season.

It’s important to replace the clogged air filters as it reduces the airflow and may overheat the car heater in winters.

Jumper cables.

It becomes so important to have accessories like a jumper cable during the winter season, especially if you are living in a snowy area.

It’s very usual that car batteries often get cold and drained in the winter season.

Check your Tyre.

Worn tires can really make a difference between life and death.

Worn up tires not only increases your stopping distance it also decreases stability on the wet roads.

It becomes very important to have a look at the condition of the car’s tire and its tread depth.

Consider winter Tyres for icy roads that provide more traction and reduces stopping distance.

Checking other bits and pieces of the car.

Other than all of these things like checking for car coolant, Cars oil level, electric systems windshield, wiper blades all of these things should be taken under consideration to get your car winter-ready.

Have a Winter Survival Kit in your car.

Winter conditions are so unexpected and thus it becomes so important to have a winter survival kit. For example

The First aid kit, a shovel for snowy conditions, natural defoggers, toolkit, LED flashlights, Air compressor, etc that can come in handy in emergencies.

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