Toyota Wheel Alignment Service

Did You Know Unconditional Tyre Warranty Galaxy Toyota

Toyota cars are known for their reliability, safety, and high performance. The cars are designed to offer comfort and convenience while ensuring a smooth and safe drive. Wheel alignment and balancing services are essential to maintain the safety and reliability of a car. Galaxy Toyota Service Center is offering an unconditional tyre warranty with wheel alignment and balancing services. Find out more about it below.

What is Wheel Alignment and Balancing?

Wheel alignment and balancing service are required periodically to maintain the wheels, tyres, and suspension system of a car. It helps in maintaining the longevity, safety, and reliability of the car. However, it must be performed by skilled technicians to assure quality services. Galaxy Toyota service center in Delhi offers wheel alignment and balancing services for Toyota cars by highly-trained mechanics. 

Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment means adjusting the angles of the wheels to ensure a straight and smooth drive. The service involves adjusting the suspension system of the car and not the wheels or tires directly. Wheel alignment service must be availed periodically to maintain the wheels and tired for a long time.

Wheel Balancing

Wheel balancing service ensures that the weight is evenly distributed among the 4 wheels. If there is a misbalance, it may lead to tire wear, damage the car suspension system, or damage the tyres and wheels of the car. Hence, it is important to maintain the wheel balancing for the longevity and safety of the vehicle. 

Unconditional Tyre Warranty at Galaxy Toyota

A tyre warranty offers protection against damage or wear/tear of tyres. There are different kinds of tyre warranties offered by manufacturers or service centers. Galaxy Toyota service center is offering unconditional tyre warranty to Toyota car owners. However, the car owner must obtain a wheel alignment and balancing service to claim this warranty. The service will ensure that the car’s wheels and tyres are well-maintained and in a good condition. The unconditional tyre warranty would not be applicable in some conditions. Find below such conditions on which the warranty would not be applicable.

Warranty is not offered on:

(a) Tyres of which tread wear indicator is exposed.

(b) Tyre damaged due to improper repair or re-capping. 

(c) Improper application of tyres size and/or specification. 

(d) Tyres damaged due to vehicle mechanical irregularities or vehicle accidents. 

(e) Tyres that have been fitted in vehicles other than vehicles on which they were originally fitted. 

(f) Damage from misalignment, wheel imbalance, defective brakes or shock absorbers, improper inflation, overloading, improper mounting or demounting, oil or chemical action, fire, use for racing, tyre alteration, tampering (e.g. tampered serial number, size of tyre, ply rating, etc.), or wilful damage or abuse.

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