Toyota Innova Hycross

Toyota Innova Hycross: Specifications, Features, and Price

Toyota Innova Hycross is a high-end MPV known for its reliability, comfort, robust quality, and fuel efficiency. 

The Toyota Innova Hycross features a robust powertrain catering to diverse driving needs with its two engine options: Petrol and Hybrid. The Hybrid variant excels in fuel efficiency, making it a highly economical and eco-friendly choice. 

With its outstanding performance and superior comfort, the Innova Hycross stands out as a leading option in its segment, offering a balanced blend of efficiency, power, and refinement.

Galaxy Toyota Showroom in Delhi is an authorized dealer offering the latest Toyota models at their world-class showroom. 

Find below the Toyota Innova Hycross Hybrid specifications, features, and price.  

Toyota Innova Hycross Specifications





1987 cc

1987 cc

Max. Output

129 Kw @ 110 s-1

137 Kw @110 s-1

Motor Torque

209 Nm @ 75 s-1 – 81.6 s-1

188 Nm @ 73.3 s-1 – 86.6 s-1

Fuel Capacity

52 L

52 L

Seating Capacity

7/8 Seater

7/8 Seater

Toyota Innova Hycross Features

The Toyota Innova Hycross Hybrid offers high-class comfort and convenience. The latest features make it a sought-after car in the MPV segment.

Below is the list of top features of Toyota Innova Hycross:

1. Self-Charging Hybrid Technology

The new Toyota Innova Hycross features a strong hybrid powertrain. It offers incredible mileage of up to 23.24 kmpl. This makes it a highly efficient choice for consumers seeking both performance and fuel economy. The hybrid system combines the benefits of a petrol engine with the efficiency of electric power, ensuring a smooth and economical driving experience. 

Additionally, this innovation represents a significant advancement over previous models, aligning with the growing demand for more environmentally friendly and cost-effective Toyota vehicles.


2. Multi-Function Steering Wheel

Toyota Innova Hycross

The multi-function steering wheel is a convenient feature in the Toyota Innova Hycross. It enhances the driver’s ability to control various vehicle functions without distractions, contributing to a safer and more enjoyable driving experience. It includes audio controls, phone controls, cruise controls, voice commands, and display and information controls. 

Additionally, this feature adds to the overall comfort and convenience of the driving environment.


3. Four Wheel Drive

The Toyota Innova Hycross Hybrid offers a four-wheel drive feature to enhance fuel economy. This innovation seamlessly adjusts power distribution between the front and rear wheels, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency under various driving conditions. 

However, with the combination of strong hybrid powertrain and four-wheel drive capability, drivers can have confidence and peace of mind while driving.  Thus, making it an excellent choice for those seeking versatility and economical operation.


4. First-In Segemnt Paddle Shifters 

The Toyota Innova Hycross Hybrid incorporates paddle shifters, enhancing the driving experience by providing drivers with manual control over gear shifts. These paddle shifters enable seamless gear changes without the need for a manual clutch. 

By engaging the paddle shifters, drivers can manually upshift or downshift gears, providing them greater control over the vehicle’s performance and responsiveness.


5. Rear Cross Traffic Alert

Innova Hycross

The Toyota Innova Hycross Hybrid is equipped with a Rear Cross Traffic Alert safety feature to enhance safety and provide a more secure driving experience. This technology alerts the driver if a vehicle is approaching from left or right while reversing the car.  

If a potential collision is identified, the system sounds an alert and displays a visual warning on the instrument cluster, giving the driver crucial awareness to avoid an accident. Additionally, these features work together to improve driver awareness, reaction times, and overall safety, making the Innova Hycross Hybrid a reliable choice for families.


Toyota Innova Hycross Price

The Toyota Innova Hycross price starts from Rs. 18.92 lakh (Ex-Showroom Price), with petrol variants ranging from Rs. 18.92 lakh (Ex-Showroom Price) to Rs. 21.13 lakh (Ex-Showroom Price). For Hybrid versions, the starting price starts from Rs. 25.97 lakh (Ex-Showroom Price) to Rs. 30.98 lakh (Ex-Showoom Price). For precise on-road prices in Delhi, visit the authorized Galaxy Toyota showroom in Delhi.


Buy Toyota Innova Hycross Hybrid at Galaxy Toyota Showroom in Delhi

Galaxy Toyota Showroom in Delhi is a trusted dealership offering a wide range of Toyota models. Their knowledgeable staff is dedicated to providing exceptional customer support with a hassle-free and transparent buying process.

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