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How To Keep Your Car Engine Healthy

The month of love is here and everyone is indulging in the joy of bliss and happiness. While cherishing your bonds with your loved ones, do not forget a companion that makes your journey smooth no matter how tough the road is. As they say, “Take care of your car in the garage and the car will take care of you on the road” and by taking care, we mean to take it to a Toyota authorized Service Centre like Galaxy Toyota. We have the best in industry staff to give your car the care it deserves, but when is the right time? When should you take your car to the service centre? Keep reading to learn more about your car’s engine health and the right time to get it serviced:


Battery Check

When was the last time you checked your car’s battery? Keeping a routine check on your car’s battery is the prevention you must take to avoid any eventuality. The car’s battery should reliably be stacked up with distilled water, especially when the weather changes. It would keep you from the trouble of starting your car just before starting your day.


Periodic Maintenance Service

We can continue onward endlessly to cause our clients to comprehend the meaning of Periodic Maintenance Service of their vehicles, it is just comparably essential as keeping a check of your body. Isn’t it better to have it checked out and prepared for the following season and that too while you’re getting stimulating offers at Galaxy Toyota Service Centre.


Wheel Alignment & Balancing

Tyres make your vehicle, they continue to get through plush ways and sloppy off-territory tracks which brings about the awful state of their alignment and balancing. It is important to keep track concerning your vehicle’s wheels for their longevity.  The good condition of a car’s wheel prevents wobbling and unfortunate situations.


Clutch & Brake

Clutch & Brake should be like ‘Jai & Veeru’, strong and unbeatable. Your brakes and clutch must be in a decent working condition for your wellbeing while driving. If your brakes or clutch crash, then, you probably won’t have the option to stop quickly in an emergency situation, potentially harming yourself, your passengers or other road users. Thus, get a clutch and brake administration at standard stretches by an authorized service center.

You’re well aware of the important things to keep a check on for a better life of your prized possession. Galaxy Toyota advises its customers to continue taking care of their car or keep getting it checked with the expert technicians. We would be happy to assist you! You may also check our other blogs for regular information on Toyota’s sale and service offers.




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