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Top Car AC Offers from Galaxy Toyota: Save Money and Stay Cool

Air conditioning is essential to stay cool during summer. The car’s AC ensures a cool environment and protects against the heat in the summer. The car requires an efficient AC to maintain the temperature inside the car. However, if the car AC is not working properly,  the car feels like a hot oven in the scorching heat. Therefore, it is essential to get Car AC serviced regularly for efficient cooling. 

Car AC service typically involves the inspection and cleaning of the air conditioning system components, including the condenser, evaporator, and compressor. The technicians check for the cooling efficiency of the AC and perform necessary repairs.

Galaxy Toyota is offering the best Toyota Car Service offer by organizing an AC Service Camp at its service centers. Visit Galaxy Toyota service center in Delhi NCR and avail of the best Toyota car services in Delhi for your vehicle. Find more details about the AC offer below.   


Importance of Car AC Service

Car air conditioning is an important component of a car’s overall comfort and safety. It helps to keep the interior of the car cool, reducing the effects of the heat from the sun and the effects of the outside environment. It also helps to reduce the amount of moisture and humidity that can build up in the car, which can lead to health issues, such as mold and mildew. Additionally, it helps to reduce the amount of dust and dirt that can get into the car, which can lead to allergies and other respiratory issues. Finally, a properly-functioning air conditioning system can also help to reduce the amount of noise coming from the car, giving the occupants a more pleasant driving experience. 

Regular car AC service is essential for its optimal functioning. Car AC service at Galaxy Toyota service center helps to improve the system’s efficiency. The AC system continues to run more smoothly and efficiently by removing dirt and contaminants from the system. Galaxy Toyota Certified Car Service in Delhi can help to extend the life of the vehicle’s AC system. 


AC Service Camp at Galaxy Toyota Service Center 

Galaxy Toyota has organized an AC service camp for Toyota cars to provide quality Toyota car service in Delhi. At this camp, a comprehensive AC service will be performed which includes a detailed inspection of the AC system and cleaning of AC components with a price starting at Rs. 4800.     

Technicians will perform an entire inspection of the AC unit and a complete system check to ensure proper functioning. Hence, Toyota car owners can be assured of quality services from experts at Galaxy Toyota Service Center.  


During the Toyota AC service camp, the technicians will perform the following services:

  • Entire AC check-up
  • AC Evaporator/Filter Cleaning 
  • Compressor Flushing
  • AC Vent Cleaning 
  • Radiator/Condenser complete Washing 


Car AC Service Camp- Toyota New Car Service Offer

The AC service camp at Galaxy Toyota service center covers the overall inspection of AC and its essential components. The certified technicians will ensure the ideal performance, reliability, and durability of the AC with the best Toyota Certified Car Service in Delhi. 

Find below more details about the services being offered as part of the service camp:


Entire AC Check-up 

Car AC check-up is essential to inspect the air filters and other major components of the AC. Over time the car AC gets dirty or clogged, which must be cleaned regularly. The certified and specialized technicians at Galaxy Toyota service center in Delhi will inspect the AC filters and check for proper operation. If any issues are detected, the technician will suggest the necessary repairs to restore the AC unit’s optimal performance. Once the technician will complete the AC check-up, they will provide you with a complete report outlining the results of their inspection. 


AC Evaporator/Filter Cleaning

AC evaporator/filter cleaning is crucial to check the air filter. The filter gets clogged with dirt and debris over time and should be cleaned for smooth functioning. The technicians vacuum-clean the filter to remove any dust and dirt particles that might have accumulated. However, if the filter is completely clogged, it might need to be replaced.

Galaxy Toyota service center provides quality Toyota car service in Delhi by qualified technicians. During the AC Evaporate/Filter cleaning process the technicians remove the debris or dirt with a vacuum to ensure that it is running smoothly. 


Car AC Compressor Flushing 

If the car’s AC compressor is exhibiting certain signs or symptoms, it may be time for professional flushing. It’s important to get this done regularly to maintain optimal cooling in the car. Professional technicians at Galaxy Toyota service center will ensure that the compressor is functioning properly and providing efficient cooling in the car.


AC Vent Cleaning

Car AC vent cleaning is an important maintenance procedure that should be done regularly. It involves removing dirt and debris from the air vents of your car, which can help keep the air conditioning system running smoothly and efficiently. It’s important to clean the vents thoroughly to remove any built-up dust and dirt that can prevent air from flowing through the vents properly.

If your car’s AC is now working efficiently, avail the Toyota New car Service offer. The technicians at the service center will take care of the car AC cleaning service quickly and easily.   


Radiator/Condenser Complete Washing

The AC system in the car works by circulating air through the radiator and condenser. The radiator cools down the engine and its surrounding parts, while the condenser cools off the outside of the engine. If either part of this system is clogged with dirt or other debris, it could lead to corrosion on the engine and other components.

This can cause problems with the AC system, including overheating or even damage to internal components like pistons or coils. At Galaxy Toyota, the certified technicians will wash the radiator and condenser to get rid of accumulated dust and debris. They will restore the functioning of the car AC and ensure it works properly.


Visit Galaxy Toyota service center today and avail of the best Toyota car services in Delhi. Get your car AC inspected and cleaned at an attractive price from certified technicians. 

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