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It’s Time To Reconnect To Toyota Car Service

Galaxy Toyota is regarded as one of the best Toyota Car Service centers for your beloved cars. We are delighted to be one of the leading service providers in Delhi NCR, with workshops located around the city. Our Toyota-Certified products and expert technicians take care of your vehicle while maintaining a customer-centric approach. We would like to emphasize the importance of regular car servicing in this article and present exciting Toyota Car Service Offers at your nearby Galaxy Toyota Service Center. 

We travel from one place to another so much, when unwelcome events occur, such as a car breakdown, that time is frequently ruined. Regularly servicing a car does not guarantee that it will not fail, but it will undoubtedly assist to limit the severity of the loss. A car that receives regular auto servicing and maintenance also save a lot of money on fuel. Oil, coolants, radiator fluid, and other critical fluids should be changed on a regular basis to maximise fuel efficiency and provide you with better mileage. 

Oil Change 

Let’s start with the importance of Oil Change. When maintaining an engine, it is always advised that the oil be thoroughly drained. Any contaminants or metal particles in the oil should be checked for as they could represent engine wear. Always make an effort to keep the engine oil from becoming too thick. It is always preferable to change your oil according to Toyota’s recommendations. Therefore Galaxy Toyota advises you to change your oil after a certain number of kilometres. You can consult your car manual for information or rely on your nearby Galaxy Toyota Service Center for your Toyota car service. We have an offer going on currently, grab the affordable oil changing package at INR 1639/-* onwards. Keep checking our social media handles to never miss on the offers and deals.

Vehicle Health and Safety check-up

Before you go to get your car serviced, you should be familiar with what it really entails. The brakes and suspension are all examined during service, as are the tyres for a safe ride. Tyre pressures are also checked to make sure you’re safe. The lights, wipers, and horns are also tested for functionality. Whether it’s merely an oil change or a comprehensive service, the vehicle should be thoroughly examined. It’s important to understand that all fluids are checked during service, not just for level but also for leaks in the pipes. The amount of brake fluid and steering fluid in the reservoirs was examined.

Take a look at your car’s Battery Health

If your car is having difficulties starting, whether the engine is cranking hard and merely turning the car on or not cranking at all, the battery is most likely to blame. If the vehicle starts but fights to stay on, you should have the battery checked. If the vehicle’s lights don’t turn on and there’s no cranking sound, the battery has already been expired and needs to be replaced. The battery in your vehicle supplies all of the electrical power required to start the vehicle. The purpose of a battery service is to determine the battery’s current condition and operation. Assists in the proper working of the alternator. Get your battery replaced or serviced at Galaxy Toyota Service Center and receive exclusive offers.

Peace of Mind

Most importantly, having your car serviced on a regular basis gives you peace of mind in knowing that there are no severe problems lurking in your vehicle. The Toyota Certified expert-technicians keep you and your car worry-free while still being economical and saving up to 12%. Regular maintenance reveals some significant issues before they become too harmful. Regularity also assures a long engine life and worry-free driving for your car. The seamless operation of your car also assures that it will run smoothly on the road. Thus, make a point to reconnect with your Toyota Car Service and best Toyota Car Service Offers in Delhi only at your nearby Galaxy Toyota Service Center.

Opt-in for Contact-less Service

You can also schedule an appointment for service online

That’s not it! For the convenience of our customers, Galaxy Toyota Service Center offers Contact-less service. It has a number of advantages. One can receive individualised care at their house, saving money on fuel and time spent travelling to the service center.

You can call us at the 09643101006 for immediate assistance.

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