Toyota urban cruiser hyryder

Discover the Exceptional Features of Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder

Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder is a stylish and versatile compact SUV that comes with the reliability, convenience, and comfort of a modern urban vehicle. The car boasts remarkable fuel efficiency, advanced features, and an appealing design. 

It incorporates a hybrid engine that delivers an optimal blend of power and fuel economy, making it an ideal option for individuals aiming to reduce their fuel expenses. With its captivating design and generous interior space, the Urban Cruiser appeals to both families and professionals alike.  

Explore all the amazing features of the Urban Cruiser Hyryder at Galaxy Toyota, the authorized Toyota Showroom in Delhi.  


Find below the exceptional features of the Toyota Hyryder that make it an appealing choice.



The Top Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder Features

The Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder distinguishes itself with a multitude of remarkable features that elevate it to the status of a highly coveted SUV. 

Find below the top Urban Cruiser Hyryder features: 

1. Exterior Features 

Hyryder Exterior

  • Unique Crystal Acrylic Grille with Chrome Garnish

Experience a sleek and modern driving experience with the brand-new Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder, showcasing a cutting-edge design, distinct features, and an impressive presence on the road. 

  • Twin LED Daytime

Equipped with a pair of Twin LED daytime running lamps, the Urban Cruiser is a stylish SUV.


2. Smart Features 

  • Remote AC Control

Hyryder AC Control

Ensure your cabin is cool and prepared well in advance before you even step inside.

  • Remote Vehicle Ignition 

Initiate your journey even before you reach your vehicle or halt it instantly with a simple tap.


3. Interior Features 

  • Stunning Black and Brown Interior 

Interior Features 

The inviting interior of the SUV provides you with comfort and style.

  • 360 Degree Camera and View 

The 360-degree camera helps you maneuver through narrow areas or park your car easily.

  • Switch Drive Mode 

The different switch modes help you choose the best for your driving needs.

  • 22.86 cm on Smart Playcast Audio 

Stay updated, entertained, and connected with the cutting-edge HY-tech smart Playcast infotainment system, showcasing a 9-inch display.

  • Rear AC Vents and USB Ports

Enjoy the comfort and coolness even in the rear with rear USB port and AC vents.

  • Panoramic Sunroof 

Elevate your sensory experience with an expanded view of the sky and stars, keeping you immersed in a heightened sense of awe.


4. Performance Features 

  • HY on Performance 


Experience exceptional fuel efficiency powered by either the advanced 1.5L TNGA Engine or the efficient 1.5L K-series with Neo Drive (ISG) technology.


5. Safety Features 

  • 6 Unit Airbags 

Safety Features 

Safety and peace of mind ensured for every passenger, thanks to the inclusion of six airbags in the vehicle.

  • Front Seat PT/FL

The front occupants benefit from an enhanced safety feature that includes a seat belt pre-tensioner and force limiter for added protection.

  • Cruise Control 

Take control of open roads effortlessly, without the need to accelerate aggressively.


Experience the Top Features of Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder at Galaxy Toyota 

Galaxy Toyota is an authorized Toyota showroom in Delhi offering Toyota cars at the best prices.

Visit the showroom to explore Urban Cruiser Hyryder features, test drive the SUV, and get the best on-road price in Delhi. 

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