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Affordable Price Car Services at Galaxy Toyota Service Center

Whether driving to work or for a vacation, it is essential that your car is operating smoothly. To make your car ride as smooth as possible, you should take care of your car so you can enjoy every ride peacefully. The best way to ensure this is to get your car regularly serviced and repaired. Getting your car serviced at regular intervals will ensure that your car continues to be safe and reliable. Hence, you must take your car for regular car service from an authorized service center. Regular general servicing at your local Toyota service center will reduce the likelihood of expensive repairs. 

General Car Service Center at Galaxy Toyota


Engine/Transmission Repair Engine service center

The car engine loses its effectiveness and power over time due to normal wear and tear. However, regular car servicing ensures proper maintenance and effectiveness of the car engine system. Transmission repair is also essential to ensure that the car functions smoothly and safely. Get engine/transmission repair done at your nearest Toyota service center and get your car serviced by experts. 


Wheel Alignment and Balancing Wheel service center

Wheel alignment and wheel balancing are required for the car to stand and move properly. Hence, it is essential that these services are performed regularly to avoid any unexpected damages or repairs. 


Electrical Repair Electric service center

If you are a person who drives a car on a daily basis then you must ensure that your car’s electrical systems are in perfect working condition. You should have every switch in your car functionally tested at regular intervals. 

Clutch and Brake Repair

The clutch and brake are the most important parts of a car that require proper maintenance in order to provide safety to the passengers. For a safe ride every time and better maintenance of your car; you should get your clutch and brakes checked at the Galaxy Toyota service center near me

Injector Servicing Injection service center

A car’s fuel injection system requires periodic servicing. Every few years or 45,000 miles, a car needs fuel injection maintenance. Although, majority of mechanics will advise waiting until there are obvious indications of dirty injectors before doing a fuel injection service, you should do so to guarantee a safer ride. This is especially true if you’ve had your vehicle for a long time or if you’ve driven it frequently. 


Visit Galaxy Toyota Service Center in Delhi to get your car checked and serviced regularly. The highly trained expert technicians there will provide high-quality services and fix any issue found in your car. Along with the above general services, you can also schedule PMS car service there. 

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Galaxy Toyota Service Center

Galaxy Toyota Showroom

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Galaxy Toyota Showroom

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Galaxy Toyota Showroom

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