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All You Need To Check For Winter Car Care

We understand the extent of cheerfulness and joy around fall and believe us, we do not want to spoil the interest, but we care for our customers more than anything at Galaxy Toyota, hence we do not want you to be stranded on the streets during winter. 

Winter is approaching, and you need to be prepared as this season can be rough on your Toyota car. Here are a few tips for maintaining your Toyota car for approaching chills. 

Inspect the Battery

A regular check on the battery is always advised for a smooth drive but checking it before winter is essential. It should always be filled with distilled water as it helps turn on the engine quickly. If you feel the battery needs to be replaced, it must be replaced by an authorized service center like Galaxy Toyota Car Service Center for your Toyota car.

Replace Coolant

Coolant is an antifreeze that prevents water in the radiator from freezing. There is a ratio of coolant and oil that needs to be maintained according to the weather conditions. You may refer to the owner’s manual or get it checked with your nearest Toyota Service Center.

Check the Oil

Winter can be really harsh with your car’s engine. Motor oil thickens in winter, making it harder for the engine to start. Get the oil and oil filter checked and if you replace the oil, it is suggested to replace the oil filter as well for maximum flow. 

Check Tires

The tires of your car tolerate the most burns and tears as they’re in constant touch with the road. Roads tend to get slippery during winter and getting on the road with old tires is life-threatening. Hence, getting them checked or replaced if required is advised for winter. 

Take your Toyota car to the nearest Galaxy Toyota Car Service Center and get it prepared for the coming season. Regular Periodic Maintenance Service is anyway recommended to keep your functioning smoothly throughout the year.

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